Everything about the visit went well. Dr. Balaban and his staff were prompt, courteous and professional. They eased my concerns and answered all my questions. I highly recommend him and his staff.


My recent colonoscopy experience was wonderful.


Dr. Balaban entered the exam room at my appointment time. He acknowledged knowing me as an existing patient and had already read my test results and other Doctor’s reports before entering the room. He listened to me, did exam, and then explained his thoughts using the diagram that was hanging on the wall. He asked me if I had any questions. I scheduled a colonoscopy. He performed the colonoscopy. It occurred on time as well. He asked if I had any questions before the procedure, answered my questions, and put me at ease. The procedure was painless. After I woke up, he gave me the results verbally and handed them to me in writing. The next day, one of his nurses called to see how I was doing. The only downside I had was that the initial appointment was two months from the day I called to schedule the appointment. He is worth the wait though. Once I saw him and he determined that I needed a colonoscopy, they offered me an appointment that same week.


” I just wanted to thank everyone at your office for all the help and concern. Everything from top (first floor) to the bottom (lower floor) was just perfect.
My hat is off to all the staff, nurses and Drs who made it a place of professionalism and concern to the patient.
Thank you all!”


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the physicians, nurses, and staff of Charlottesville Gastroenterology Associates (CGA) for their care, concern, and in some cases expedited treatment, over the past quarter of a century.

To wit, over the past seventy-seven years I’ve been, advised, medically treated, or operated upon by physicians in nine countries, on three continents. Therefore, be advised herein that the care I’ve received at CGA and Martha Jefferson Hospital, has been exemplary, sometimes purposely and necessarily expeditious; and is as good or better, as any in the world, including Vietnam.

Simply and emphatically stated, Doctors Piambianco, Gomez, and Oblinger, who personally have advised or treated me, and their respective, dedicated staff members, have literally and absolutely kept me alive for almost twenty-six years!! A very heartfelt thanks to every one of you at CGA; and may you all be Providentially Blessed and Sustained in the days ahead.


I just wanted to thank you for the very kind and compassionate treatment you gave me on Thursday. I really appreciate the questions and detective work you did during the procedure. Also, Susan thank you for coaching me through the pain! I felt like I really mattered to y’all. I was treated like a human being. Excellent work! I do feel my symptoms lessening, on day 2 of the medication. I’m optimistic that you may have hit the nail on the head Dr. Dan.


My husband had an appointment today with you. He asked me to email you a compliment on how nice the nurses were to him. Thank you Dr. Oblinger for taking care of him. It makes it nice to go to a place and feel welcome.